You're early!

There's not very much here yet, but there will be soon. I intend to upload some information here that will hopefully be useful both for my own purposes and for other people in some of the communities with which I share common interests, principally the history of computing and the history of motion picture film.

This is a wee side project that will be worked on slowly in whatever snatches of free time I can find. I have some material already written in plain text which I will likely convert for web and add first, then I will populate additional material directly from there.

Coming soon...

In the meantime, check out the (under construction) Brief History of Typographic Keyboards section or introduction to ASCII!

Why does it look like this?

This is intended to be a very simple web site that deliberately avoids many of the trappings of the modern world wide web, both because it feels appropriate to the theme and because I get a bit crabbit about how many dependencies things have nowadays.

The font you are hopefully seeing here is VT323 by Peter Hull et al., which is based on the text output of the DEC VT320 (1987). You'll be hearing a lot more about DEC (Digital Equipment Corporation) here whenever I get round to it...